2012 Showcase Video – Pre-order

2012 SGRRC Performance Videos and MP3′s New in 2012, SGRRC is offering BOTH Video and MP3 downloads. MP3 downloads are great to load to ipods/iphones/mp3 players and even to burn to CD’s to play in the car. To order your video, mp3 or combo download, click on the appropriate link next to the band/bands of [...]

Wanda Jackson at SGRRC

wanda jackson

2012 Program Evaluation




So, we’ve asked all the right questions… We’ve done our homework… We’ve got our look… We KNOW our instruments… And NOW we wanna know…. Are you ready for us to ROCK YOUR WORLD????!!!!!!

2012 Sponsors/Donors – Thank you!


Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp would not be possible without our sponsors and donors. We rely heavily on community support to make this camp awesome as such we want to thank everyone who has donated, time, money, raffle items, more money, more time, and support. You all have helped to make our 10 Year [...]

10 Years of Awesome will Culminate this Saturday!

courtesy of hatch show print & designer heather Moulder

Are you ready to ROCK? 10 Years may not seem like much to most people, but to Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp it is a huge historical event and 2012 is our tenth year, that is 10 whole years of Rock  & Roll Awesome! We’ve pulled out all the stops this year, with special [...]

Camp So Far


So we’ve done a lot of cool things in the last couple of days. We’ve had guitar class… We’ve learned to play keys… Drums… Can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

Beauty Benfit Recap

Urban Image Style Studio Screen capture

Remember this??? Well… we just wanted to let everyone know that it went great! Our Beauty Benefit was hosted by Our coordinator was Jamie Valentine (stylist) and that beautiful poster (top) was designed by Jaime Leigh Murdock. There were 3 stylists from Urban Image who dedicated their whole saturday to SGRRC & we are so [...]

2012 SGRRC Showcase and Raffle

Daisy Rock Sparkle Acoustic Guitar 2012

This Daisy Rock Sparkle Acoustic Guitar could be yours for a $10 raffle ticket at the showcase on the 28th! Don’t miss out on the the chance to rock out! P.S. only 4 more days til camp!!!

2012 SGRRC Showcase Raffle

raffle item 2012

This is one of the raffle items you could win on Saturday the 28th! This is a Waterstone Electric Half-Moon Guitar and it could be yours with the purchase of a $10 raffle ticket! Some lucky person will win…. It could be YOU!!! Also, there’s only 5 days til camp starts!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!