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2013 Camp Bands

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2012 Camper Bands

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Day 2

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Day 4

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2012 SGRRC Showcase Photos-Provided by William M. THomas

©2012 Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp - Photos Courtesy of William M. Thomas

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2012 SGRRC Volunteers

Meet the awesomesauce volunteers for the 2012 Southern Girls Rock n Roll Camp (10th Anniversary!)

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2012 SGRRC Sponsor Logos

Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp would not be possible without our sponsors and donors. We rely heavily on community support to make this camp awesome as such we want to thank everyone who has donated, time, money, raffle items, more money, more time, and support. You all have helped to make our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration huge, by helping us bring Wanda Jackson for a private performance, offering up great raffle items, and even providing our volunteers with the much needed coffee to get through the days.

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SGRRC 10 Years of Logos

Each year SGRRC adopts a camp logo, usually drawn/designed by one of the volunteers. Here are all the logos/camp t-shirt designs for the last 10 years!

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