Beauty Benfit Recap

Remember this???

Well… we just wanted to let everyone know that it went great! Our Beauty Benefit was hosted by

Our coordinator was Jamie Valentine (stylist) and that beautiful poster (top) was designed by Jaime Leigh Murdock. There were 3 stylists from Urban Image who dedicated their whole saturday to SGRRC & we are so fortunate and thankful to them. WE RAISED $420 THAT DAY!! Thank you everyone who was involved and everyone who got a new ‘do that day!

In speaking of new ‘dos… here are some before and after shots….

Anna Fitzgerald before the Beauty Benefit…


Bonnie Before the Beauty Benefit…

Bonnie After!

Jason Manley Before the beauty Benefit…

…And Jason Manley after!!

These Ladies made it Happen!

Jamie Valentine (Coordinating Stylist) & Liz Estes (9yr SGRRC volunteer)

Thanks again everyone!

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