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Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities, Inc. (YEAH!) builds a creative connected community by providing experiences in the arts for young people ages 10-17. YEAH! believes that artistic education, collaboration, expression, and performance empower youth to become creative, productive and confident members of our community.

It is our objective to educate the youth of our community in the skills required for our arts programs, but also to teach the intrinsic value of each art and the value it has in our community. In so doing, it is our goal to enrich our community as a whole by empowering the upcoming generation.



Youth Empowerment through Arts and Humanities, Inc. (YEAH!) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable youth arts organization in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

YEAH! offers all ages concerts, classes in performing arts and music camps during the summer. Our flagship summer camps are Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp (SGRRC) held in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Tennessee Teens Rock and Roll Camp (TNTRC) held in Nashville, Tennessee and Murfreesboro, Tennessee and the New York City Rock Camp (NYCRC) held in Brooklyn, New York. These are summer day camps for girls ages 10-17 (SGRRC) and then boys and girls ages 10-17 (TNTRC and NYCRC).

YEAH! Rock Block teaches teens how to play and write music through a rock band setting. There are sessions available in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Nashville, Tennessee. YEAH!’s theatre department provides acting classes and produces four theatrical productions per calendar year.

YEAH! believes that an integral part of the arts experience is performance. There is no more satisfying or self-confidence-and-esteem-building experience than performance, and every child benefits from the opportunity to perform what he has learned. That is why with every class, every camp, every program we produce a showcase where the students are provided a venue within which to show their friends, families and fans what they have learned. For example, our most recent SGRRC showcase drew approximately 800 appreciative fans from all across the community!

During the recent economic downturn, YEAH! has launched a scholarship program which, has greatly increased the number of kids able to participate while greatly enabling YEAH! to diversify its student population. YEAH! has been able to provide these scholarships through the generous donations of its fans, parents and supporters, and it has greatly enhanced the experiences in the arts that YEAH! is able to offer its teenage students.

Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp is a service of Youth Empowerment through Arts and Humanities, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
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